Training objectives
 To prepare professionals in business management with skills that enable them to perform critical tasks in the Tanzania work setting.
 To integrate concepts and principles in order to develop independent thinking, initiative, resourcefulness and transfer of learning
 To promote positive attitudes towards national aspirations in general, and to achieve national productivity goals.

  At present there are three departments which run courses in the faculty. These are
     Accounting and Finance
     Marketing and Procurement
     Human Resources and General Management

Evening and Regular Programmes are Offered in the following areas:

1: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
     This is a three year course with specialization in :
          Human Resources Management

2: Bachelor of Accountancy and Finance (BAF)
This is a three year course. The programme is designed to produce professionals in business accounting and finance with due regard of the Tanzanian and International enviroment. On successful completion of the course the candidates will be eligible to be registered by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) as approved Accountants after one year of working experience.

The general objectives of the programme are:
To produce professionals in general business management with due regard to the Tanzanian environment.
To integrate the conventional subjects of business management with other subjects with the intention of producing       graduates who are exposed to the business management field.
This will also enable them to have a more scientific approach to decision making in their work in all business functions

The faculty also offers a two year ordinary Diploma course and a year Certificate course:

1: Diploma in Business Administration (Both Regular and Evening) and a
2: Certificate course in Business Studies( Regular Only)
Students of Diploma in Business Administration  may specialize in:
      i. Accounting
      ii. Finance
      iii. Marketing
      iv. Procurement
      v. Human¬† Resources Management

 University wide courses
 The following courses are offered to all students
     Development Studies
     Communication Skills
     Computing skills
For the future The Faculty is planning to offer:

Postgraduate diploma in Finance,Accounting, Marketing, Procurement and Human Resources Management
Ordinary MBA degree
Executive MBA degree  

The following are additional to the University entrance requirements:

  Direct Entry Qualification
     Two or more principal passes in the following subjects:
All commercial subjects i.e. Accountancy, Commerce and Economics OR
 All science subjects OR
All arts subjects

  Equivalent Qualification
Ordinary Diploma with an equivalent of B Pass. The grade in Statistics or Mathematics at the Diploma level should be of D or higher, or a grade of C or higher in form IV Mathematics. Advanced Diploma. No classification is required. The grade in Statistics or Mathematics in the Diploma should be of D or higher or a grade of D or higher in form IV Mathematics.

Admission is subject to the approval of the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU)

  All enquiries about the   Faculty of Commerce and Business Studies should be addressed to:
  The Dean,
  Faculty of Commerce and Business Studies,
  St Mark's Centre ,
  P.O. Box25017, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  Tel. +  Fax + Email:





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